What’s new in PyPy2.7 7.2.0

Fix typo

Remove rpython.jit.metainterp.typesystem and clean up related code in rpython/jit/

Add DateTime_FromTimestamp and Date_FromTimestamp

Test and reduce the probability of a deadlock when acquiring a semaphore by moving global state changes closer to the actual aquire.

Make the shadowstack size more dynamic

Move _ssl and _hashlib from rpython to a cffi-based module, like on python3. Reduces the number of problematic linked-in libraries (libssl, libcrypto)

Fix a bug that prevent memory-tracking in vmprof working on PyPy.

Cleanup optimizeopt

Remove copystrcontent and copyunicodecontent in the backends. Instead, replace it in rewrite.py with a direct call to memcpy() and new basic operation, load_effective_address, which the backend can even decide not to implement.

Add a JIT backend for ARM64 (aarch64)

New mechanism for app-level testing using -D to test all apptest_*.py files

Add RFile.closed

Update vendored cryptography used for _ssl to 2.7

Check for headers and runtime libraries in more locations to support other linuxes

Update _ssl on macos to statically link to openssl-1.1.1c

Much faster and more memory-efficient JSON decoding. The resulting dictionaries that come out of the JSON decoder have faster lookups too.