What’s new in PyPy2.7 7.3.4

CI: Add a Dockerfile for CI to prevent hitting pull limits on docker hub

Fix xml.etree.ElementTree assigning default attribute values: issue 3333

Support for the new format of regular expressions in Python 3.7

Upstream internal cparser tool from pypy/ to rpython/

Change rpython and pypy to enable translating 64-bit windows

Introduce @rlib.objectmodel.llhelper_error_value, will be used by HPy

Add rffi.constcharpsize2str

Refactor documentation of win64 from future plans to what was executed

Backport msvc detection from python3, which probably breaks using Visual Studio 2008 (MSVC9, or the version that used to be used to build CPython2.7 on Windows)

Backport fixes to winreg adding reflection and fix for passing None (bpo 21151).

Change parameter type of PyModule_New to const char*, add PyModule_Check and PyModule_CheckExact

Introduce a @never_allocate class decorator, which ensure that a certain RPython class is never actually instantiated at runtime. Useful to ensure that e.g. it’s always constant-folded away

Optimize instances with integer or float fields to have more efficent field reads and writes. They also use less memory if they have at least two such fields.

Update the version of Tk/Tcl on windows to 8.6

Backport changes to _ctypes needed for maxos BigSur from py3.7

Updated the API to the latest cppyy_backend (1.14.2), made all types used consistent to avoid void*/long casting problems on Win64, and added several new “builtin” types (wide chars, complex, etc.).

Refactor the intbound analysis in the JIT

Fix PyObject_Format for type objects

Faster str.replace and bytes.replace implementations.

Enable vmprof on arm64

Improve pypy.ico