What’s new in PyPy2.7 7.3.2

Speed up performance of matching Unicode strings in the re module significantly for characters that are part of ASCII.

Refactor RSocket.xxx_into() methods and add .recvmsg_into().

Fix documentation extlinks for heptapod directory schema

Fix implementation of PEP 3118 in ctypes.

Use make_portable on macOS

Add rgc.ll_arraymove(), as a way to shift items inside the same array with proper GC support. Improves while lst: lst.pop(0).

Remove all implicit str-unicode conversions in RPython.

Fix uninitialized value in rlock.acquire on windows, fixes issue 3252

Add pypyjit.releaseall() that marks all current machine code objects as ready to release. They will be released at the next GC (unless they are currently in use in the stack of one of the threads).