What’s new in PyPy2.7 7.0+

Make sure zlib decompressobjs have their streams deallocated immediately on flush.

Fix calling copy on already-flushed compressobjs.

The zlib module’s compressobj and decompressobj now expose copy methods as they do on CPython.

Improve performance of long operations where one of the operands fits into an int.

Improve register allocation in the JIT.

Implement rlib.jit.promote_unicode to complement promote_string

Use utf8 internally to represent unicode, with the goal of never using rpython-level unicode

Since _ctypes is implemented in pure python over libffi, add interfaces and methods to support the buffer interface from python. Specifically, add a __pypy__.newmemoryview function to create a memoryview and extend the use of the PyPy-specific __buffer__ class method.