What’s new in PyPy2.7 6.0+

Main items: vastly better template resolution and improved performance. In detail: upgrade to backend 1.4, improved handling of templated methods and functions (in particular automatic deduction of types), improved pythonization interface, range of compatibility fixes for Python3, free functions now take fast libffi path when possible, moves for strings (incl. from Python str), easier/faster handling of std::vector by numpy, improved and faster object identity preservation

Make sure ‘blocking-ness’ of socket is set along with default timeout

Include crypt.h for crypt() on Linux

Log additional gc-minor and gc-collect-step info in the PYPYLOG

The reverse-debugger branch has been merged. For more information, see https://bitbucket.org/pypy/revdb

Small refactorings in the Python parser.

Backport CPython fix for possible shell injection issue in distutils.spawn, https://bugs.python.org/issue34540

Enable use of unicode file names in dlopen

Backport CPython fix for thread.RLock

Make GC hooks measure time in seconds (as opposed to an opaque unit).

Update most test_lib_pypy/ tests and move them to extra_tests/.

Make it possible to manually manage the GC by using a combination of gc.disable() and gc.collect_step(). Make sure to write a proper release announcement in which we explain that existing programs could leak memory if they run for too much time between a gc.disable()/gc.enable()