What’s new in PyPy2.7 7.3.6

Speed up divmod for very large numbers. This also speeds up string formatting of big numbers.

Optimize dictionary operations in the JIT a bit more, making it possible to completely optimize away the creation of dictionaries in more situations (such as calling the dict.update method on known dicts).

Add special error messange for '\0' in rstruct.formatiterator (bpo-35714)

Speed up GCC compilation by using a pre-compiled header.

Only set VMPROF_APPLE on bsd-like when sys.platform is darwin

Make dotviewer python3 compatible and add some features (like rudimentary record support).

Add specialization for sum(list) and sum(tuple)

Set non-volatile xmm registers in the JIT for windows 64-bit calling conventions. Fixes a bug where the JIT was not restoring registers when returning from a call

Add an option to package pypy non-portably