What’s new in PyPy 2.1

put and array.put

Pickling of numpy arrays and dtypes (including record dtypes)

Remove multimethods in the arraymodule

Fixed bug when switching stacklets from a C callback

Remove multi-methods on sets

Implement subarrays for numpy

Remove multi-methods on dict

Remove remaining multi-methods on list

Stacklet support for ARM, enables _continuation support

Remove multi-methods on tuple

Remove multi-methods on iterators

Added list of resops to the pypyjit on_abort hook.

Speeds up the stdlib logging module

Adds a couple convenient format specifiers to operationerrfmt

Skip and fix some non-translated (own) tests for win32 builds

Add the ‘_obj’ attribute on ctypes pointer() and byref() objects

Fix a segfault in argsort when sorting by chunks on multidim numpypy arrays (mikefc)

Improve performance of str(long).

Add view to ndarray and zeroD arrays, not on dtype scalars yet

fix segfault caused by iterating over empty ndarrays

Faster sets for objects

Inline the fast path of id() and hash()

Adapt package.py script to compile CFFI tk extension. Add a –without-tk switch to optionally skip it.