Welcome to PyPy

The PyPy project aims to produce a flexible and fast Python implementation. This page documents the development of the PyPy project itself. If you don’t know what PyPy is, consult the PyPy website. If you just want to use PyPy, consult the download page and the getting started with pypy documents. If you want to help develop PyPy – keep reading!

PyPy is written in a language called RPython, which is suitable for writing dynamic language interpreters (and not much else). RPython is a subset of Python and is itself written in Python. If you’d like to learn more about RPython, Starting with RPython should provide a reasonable overview.

If you would like to contribute to PyPy, please read how to contribute first. PyPy’s development style is somewhat different to that of many other software projects and it often surprises newcomers. What is not necessary is an academic background from university in writing compilers – much of it does not apply to PyPy any way.

All of the documentation and source code is available under the MIT license, unless otherwise specified. Consult LICENSE

Index of various topics:

Documentation for the PyPy Python Interpreter

New features of PyPy’s Python Interpreter and Translation Framework:

Mailing lists, bug tracker, IRC channel

Meeting PyPy developers

The PyPy developers are organizing sprints and presenting results at conferences all year round. They will be happy to meet in person with anyone interested in the project. Watch out for sprint announcements on the development mailing list.