What’s new in PyPy3 7.3.4

Fix rsre module for python 3.7

Fix utf_8_decode for final=False

Refactor how positional-only arguments are represented in signature objects, which brings it more in line with Python 3.8, and simplifies the code.

Change char *` to const char * in PyStructSequence_Field, PyStructSequence_Desc, PyGetSetDef, wrapperbase

Merge win64 into this branch

Fix the cpyext module for win64

Fix various problems with winreg: add REG_QWORD, implement reflection on win64, (bpo-21151) preserve None passed as REG_BINARY, (bpo-25778), truncate REG_SZ at first NULL, use surrogatepass in UTF-16 decoding (issue 3342).

Prevent overflow in _hash_long on win64 using method from CPython, and speed it up.

Allow compiler to inherit flags from __future__.annotations. Fixes >>> x : X

Re-enable _io.win32console on windows


Fix cpyext.longobject for win64

Fix loading system libraries with ctypes on macOS Big Sur. (issue 3314)

Port map-improvements to py3.7

Enable _hpy_universal on win64

Update stdlib to 3.7.10

Fix ElementTree.extend not working on iterators (issue 3181 and bpo43399)