What’s new in PyPy3 7.3.2

Implement socket.recvmsg_into().

Fix return types in os.readlink() (issue #3177) and os.listdir().

Provide the _WindowsConsoleIO module on windows. Support may be incomplete.

Fix os.listdir() on Windows with unicode file names

Use utf8 in locale.py, add PyUnicode_{En,De}code_Locale

Allow errorhandlers to modify the underlying str/bytes being converted

Fix PyUnicode handling of windows where wchar_t is 2 bytes

Internally, integers are W_IntObject or W_LongObject depending on how large they are. It’s possible to obtain W_LongObject even though the integer is small enough, depending on how you build it (e.g. dividing two very large integers). The problem now fixed was that these small W_LongObjects caused various optimizations to stop working: for example, storing one in a list of W_IntObjects caused the list to loose its int optimization (issue #3250).

Add os.sched_rr_get_interval, os.sched_getscheduler, sched_setscheduler, sched_getparam

Provide a backend for HPy, currently disabled in the release