What’s new in PyPy3 5.5.0

Update fallback code in time to match CPython.

Add str.casefold().

Update Unicode character database to version 6.1.0.

Make win_perf_counter expose the clock info. Add a couple more fallbacks. Make time.monotonic conditionally available depending on platform.

Make hash(-1) return -2, like it does on CPython.

Fix the mappingproxy type to behave as in CPython.

Implement keyword-only arguments for built-in functions. Fix functions in the posix module to have keyword-only arguments wherever CPython has them, instead of regular keyword arguments.

Add os.get_terminal_size().

Implement slicing of memoryview objects and improve their compatibility with CPython.

Set up ImportError attributes properly in _imp.load_dynamic().

Allow __len__ to return any index-like.

Replace stub faulthandler module with a working implementation.