PyPy 5.10.1

We have released a bugfix PyPy3.5-v5.10.1 due to the following issues:

  • Fix time.sleep(float('nan') which would hang on windows
  • Fix missing errno constants on windows
  • Fix issue 2718 for the REPL on linux
  • Fix an overflow in converting 3 secs to nanosecs (issue 2717 )
  • Flag kwarg to os.setxattr had no effect
  • Fix the winreg module for unicode entries in the registry on windows

Note that many of these fixes are for our new beta verison of PyPy3.5 on windows. There may be more unicode problems in the windows beta version especially around the subject of directory- and file-names with non-ascii characters.

Our downloads are available now. On macos, we recommend you wait for the Homebrew package.

Thanks to those who reported the issues.

What is PyPy?

PyPy is a very compliant Python interpreter, almost a drop-in replacement for CPython 2.7 and CPython 3.5. It’s fast (PyPy and CPython 2.7.x performance comparison) due to its integrated tracing JIT compiler.

We also welcome developers of other dynamic languages to see what RPython can do for them.

This PyPy 3.5 release supports:

  • x86 machines on most common operating systems (Linux 32/64 bits, Mac OS X 64 bits, Windows 32 bits, OpenBSD, FreeBSD)
  • newer ARM hardware (ARMv6 or ARMv7, with VFPv3) running Linux,
  • big- and little-endian variants of PPC64 running Linux,
  • s390x running Linux

Please update, and continue to help us make PyPy better.


The PyPy Team