More sprints

The PyPy project is a worldwide collaborative effort and its members are organizing sprints and presenting results at conferences all year round. This page is no longer maintained! See our blog for upcoming events.

EuroPython PyPy sprint 6-9 July 2006

Once again a PyPy sprint took place right after the EuroPython Conference from the 6th to the 9th of July.

Read more in the EuroPython 2006 sprint report.

PyPy at XP 2006 and Agile 2006

PyPy presented experience reports at the two main agile conferences this year, XP 2006 and Agile 2006. Both experience reports focus on aspects of the sprint-driven development method that is being used in PyPy.

Duesseldorf PyPy sprint 2-9 June 2006

The next PyPy sprint will be held in the Computer Science department of Heinrich-Heine Universitaet Duesseldorf from the 2nd to the 9th of June. Main focus of the sprint will be on the goals of the upcoming June 0.9 release.

Read more about the sprint

PyPy sprint at Akihabara (Tokyo, Japan)

April 23rd - 29th 2006. This sprint was in Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan, our hosts was FSIJ (Free Software Initiative of Japan) and we aimed for the sprint to promote Python and introduce people to PyPy. Good progress was also made on PyPy’s ootypesystem for the more high level backends. For more details, read the last sprint status page and enjoy the pictures.

PyPy at Python UK/ACCU Conference (United Kingdom)

April 19th - April 22nd 2006. Several talks about PyPy were hold at this year’s Python UK/ACCU conference. Read more at the ACCU site.

PyPy at XPDay France 2006 in Paris March 23rd - March 24th 2006

Logilab presented PyPy at the first french XP Day that it was sponsoring and which was held in Paris. There was over a hundred attendants. Interesting talks included Python as an agile language and Tools for continuous integration.

Logic Sprint at Louvain-la-Neuve University (Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium)

March 6th - March 10th 2006. PyPy developers focusing on adding logic programming to PyPy will met with the team that developed the Oz programming language and the Mozart interpreter.

Read the report and the original announcement.

PyCon Sprint 2006 (Dallas, Texas, USA)

Feb 27th - March 2nd 2006. The Post-PyCon PyPy Sprint took place right after PyCon 2006.

A report is coming up.

Talks at PyCon 2006 (Dallas, Texas, USA)

Feb 24th - Feb 26th 2006. PyPy developers spoke at PyCon 2006.

PyPy at Solutions Linux in Paris January 31st - February 2nd 2006

PyPy developers from Logilab presented the intermediate results of the project during the Solutions Linux tradeshow in Paris. A lot of enthusiasts already knew about the project and were eager to learn about the details. Many people discovered PyPy on this occasion and said they were interested in the outcome and would keep an eye on its progress. Read the talk slides.

PyPy Sprint in Palma De Mallorca 23rd - 29th January 2006

The Mallorca sprint that took place in Palma de Mallorca is over. Topics included progressing with the JIT work started in Göteborg and Paris, GC and optimization work, stackless, and improving our way to write glue code for C libraries.

Read more in the announcement, there is a sprint report for the first three days and one for the rest of the sprint.

Preliminary EU reports released

After many hours of writing and typo-hunting we finally finished the reports for the EU. They contain most of the material found on our regular documentation page but also a lot of new material not covered there. Note that all these documents are not approved by the European Union and therefore only preliminary. (01/06/2006)

PyPy Sprint in Göteborg 7th - 11th December 2005

The Gothenburg sprint is over. It was a very productive sprint: work has been started on a JIT prototype, we added support for __del__ in PyPy, the socket module had some progress, PyPy got faster and work was started to expose the internals of our parser and bytecode compiler to the user. Michael and Carl have written a report about the first half and one about the second half of the sprint. (12/18/2005)

PyPy release 0.8.0

The third PyPy release is out, with an integrated and translatable compiler, speed progress, and now the possibility to translate our experimental “Thunk” object space (supporting lazy computed objects) with its features preserved.

See the release 0.8 announcement for further details about the release and the getting started section for instructions about downloading it and trying it out. There is also a short FAQ. (11/03/2005)

PyPy Sprint in Paris 10th-16th October 2005

The Paris sprint is over. We are all at home again and more or less exhausted. The sprint attracted 18 participants and took place in Logilab offices in Paris. We were happy to have five new developers to the PyPy Community! The focus was on implementing continuation-passing style (stackless), making the translation process work for target languages with more powerful object systems and some tiny steps into the JIT direction. Michael and Carl have written a report about day one and one about day two and three. Together with Armin they wrote one about the rest of the sprint on the way back. (10/18/2005)

PyPy release 0.7.0

The first implementation of Python in Python is now also the second implementation of Python in C :-)

See the release announcement for further details about the release and the getting started section for instructions about downloading it and trying it out. We also have the beginning of a FAQ. (08/28/2005)

PyPy Sprint in Heidelberg 22nd-29th August 2005

The last PyPy sprint took place at the Heidelberg University in Germany from 22nd August to 29th August (both days included). Its main focus is translation of the whole PyPy interpreter to a low level language and reaching 2.4.1 Python compliance. The goal of the sprint is to release a first self-contained PyPy-0.7 version. Carl has written a report about day 1 - 3 and a heidelberg summary report detailing some of the works that led to the successful release of pypy-0.7.0!

PyPy Hildesheim2 finished: first self-contained PyPy run!

Up until 31st August we were in a PyPy sprint at Trillke-Gut. Carl has written a report about day 1, Holger about day 2 and day 3 and Carl again about day 4 and day 5, On day 6 Holger reports the breakthrough: PyPy runs on its own! Hurray!. And Carl finally reports about the winding down of day 7 which saw us relaxing, discussing and generally having a good time.

EuroPython 2005 sprints finished

We had two sprints around EuroPython, one more internal core developer one and a public one. Both sprints were quite successful. Regarding the Pre-EuroPython sprint Michael Hudson has posted summaries of day 1, day 2 and day 3 on the pypy-dev mailing list. The larger public sprint has not been summarized yet but it went very well. We had 20 people initially attending to hear the tutorials and work a bit. Later with around 13-14 people we made the move to Python-2.4.1, integrated the parser, improved the LLVM backends and type inference in general. (07/13/2005)