PyPy directory cross-reference

Here is a fully referenced alphabetical two-level deep directory overview of PyPy, plus some relevant top-level directories:

Directory explanation/links
pypy/bin/ command-line scripts, mainly pypy/bin/
pypy/config/ handles the numerous options for building and running PyPy
pypy/doc/ text versions of PyPy developer documentation
pypy/doc/config/ documentation for the numerous translation options
pypy/doc/discussion/ drafts of ideas and documentation
pypy/goal/ our main PyPy-translation scripts live here
pypy/interpreter/ bytecode interpreter and related objects (frames, functions, modules,…)
pypy/interpreter/pyparser/ interpreter-level Python source parser
pypy/interpreter/astcompiler/ interpreter-level bytecode compiler, via an AST representation
pypy/module/ contains mixed modules implementing core modules with both application and interpreter level code. Not all are finished and working. Use the --withmod-xxx or --allworkingmodules translation options.
pypy/objspace/ object space implementations
pypy/objspace/std/ the StdObjSpace implementing CPython’s objects and types
pypy/tool/ various utilities and hacks used from various places
pypy/tool/pytest/ support code for our testing methods
lib-python/ our patched fork of the CPython standard library
lib_pypy/ contains pure Python implementation of modules that CPython implements in C
extra_tests/ extra application-level tests that are usually run after translation
*/test/ many directories have a test subdirectory containing test modules (see Testing in PyPy)
_cache/ holds cache files from various purposes